Our mission is to help each client’s Cloud Native journey enjoyable and successful. We do this by helping them leverage Cloud Native Technologies. We primarily focus on automating, scaling, and operationalizing everything above the Infrastructure layer and below the Application layer.

When it comes to the Application layer, we know how vital it is for you to be experts on your own business logic. This is why we take an advisory and strategy approach on the Applications (instead of writing application code for you). The Infrastructure landscape is constantly evolving and becoming more commoditized which is creating an increased need for companies to maintain infrastructure portability.

So, how can we help? We are here to enable installing of new cloud platforms or enhancement of existing ones. We are here to help level up skills by integrating with your team. We are here to help create long term platform roadmaps that will be able to evolve over time. Stark & Wayne has been enabling enterprises to deliver reliable, automatable, scalable, portable, and secure Cloud Native platforms since 2011.

The Collective Advantage

Stark & Wayne operates as a consulting collective. Our customers benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the entire company, not just those assigned to a project. All our consultants continuously pool knowledge to provide solutions as quickly as possible.

Our engineers come from diverse technical backgrounds which allows greater technical depth when troubleshooting. We work with Networking, Operations, and Security teams in order to understand and maximize your capabilities. At the end of the engagement, our engineers review current operations practices with your team and advise on best practice for execution of your backlog.


Application, Data, Infrastructure, & Platform

For good reasons your infrastructure does not fit the future needs of your business. It is decided that it is time to move to another infrastructure. After the decision has been made, "Moving Day" is looming and there are many things to consider. Stark & Wayne has helped enable companies to migrate 10 to 10,000 applications with minimal downtime. We will ensure that applications continue to serve end-users while reducing costs.

When you deploy and change platforms via virtual machine orchestration engines, your DevOps staff can migrate applications and services between platforms on different infrastructures with maximum application and service uptime. This allows resources to be scaled up or down based on application and service loads. You can leverage data centers to reduce latency to geographically dispersed customers, and control costs of running your platform. Through added flexibility available through Service Migration, moving the platform can lower infrastructure costs.

Augmentation & Enablement

Our enablement engineers and architects can work alongside your team members to solve operational and tactical problems while planning for future work. Our team can work as part of your company's culture and processes to ensure that enhancements are getting to production efficiently.

Assessment & Roadmap Generation

Stark & Wayne engineers are experts at assessing and inventorying your current cloud environment(s). Stark & Wayne meets with the Networking, Operations, and Security teams in order to gain a deep understanding of the configuration, the environment, and the relevant use cases. Afterward, the engineers review current operations practices and advise on best practice methodology for architecture and execution of the backlog. We help answer questions such as:

Phone a Friend

Stark & Wayne has a Phone a Friend offering where we integrate our Collective expertise with strategy meetings and tactical troubleshooting. This enables a broad objective depth of expertise which has enabled companies to be better informed when making decisions.