Stark & Wayne consultants bring years of experience and a strong passion for application and infrastructure development. Stark & Wayne was founded by Dr Nic Williams, who is driven by a singular passion of wanting all developers to be successful.


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Dr. Nic

Dr Nic Williams has contributed to over 300 open source projects. He is known for creating or curating projects such as Bosh, App Scrolls, Rails Installer, Composite Primary Keys, Choc Top, App Scrolls, Rails TextMate bundle, New Gem, Tab Tab, GitHub Badges, Install Theme for Rails, and Dr. Nic’s Magic Models. Before founding Stark & Wayne, Dr. Nic served as both VP of Technology and VP of Engineering at Engine Yard. He’s Australian and is funny if you can understand his accent.

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Brian Mattal

Brian leads all of Stark & Wayne’s business operations, ensuring that customers are getting the highest quality service while our employees are excited and engaged! Brian brings over thirty years of experience in the software industry, starting as a developer at Oracle to executive leadership positions at Yosemite Technologies and Fujitsu. During his career, he also co-founded and led TechTool Software, a successful software consulting company, where he helped build technology leaders such as Veritas

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Wayne Seguin

Wayne leads Stark & Wayne’s technical vision and oversees curation and adoption of best practices across all customer engagements. Wayne ensures that all of our consultants are prepared, educated, happy and eager to help each other and our clients become superheroes. He also seeks out and vets both new technology as well as people alike to see where they may benefit Stark & Wayne and their amazing customers. Wayne has long been an active member of the open source community, most widely known for creating Ruby Version Manager (RVM).