Stark & Wayne is deeply committed to open source, and we are one of the top 5 contributors to the Cloud Foundry project. We believe that open source has accelerated enterprise software by leveraging a community to provide user-friendly functionality and experiences to organizations once beholden to slow moving proprietary software.

Open Source Software

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Shield provides a single solution and interface for managing core Cloud Foundry backups as well as all BOSH deployed services. It’s  a lightweight, low-impact daemon, which enables you to quickly have a fully functional disaster recovery plan implemented for your CF and BOSH deployments.

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Spruce is a domain-specific YAML merging tool, which generates BOSH manifests. It was written with the goal of being the most intuitive solution for merging BOSH templates. As such, it pulls in a few semantics that may seem familiar to those used to merging with the other merging tool, but there are a few key differences.

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Concourse Tutorial

A pipeline-based CI system written in Go.

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BOSH gen

Generators for BOSH releases.