Introducing Gluon

At Stark & Wayne, we're all about helping you build the best cloud possible and enabling you to focus on your core business. One way we do this is by providing gadgets and tools that enable you to deploy resilient platforms, using industry-standard technologies.

Gluon is a Kubernetes controller that uses custom resources to bring BOSH-based VM and deployment management to a Kubernetes Cluster near you!

Gluon is MIT-licensed, and freely available as Open Source Software, over at Stark & Wayne's Github:

A Native Kubernetes Controller

Don't get bogged down in the fiddly bits of deploying BOSH and Cloud Foundry. With Gluon, you manage what's above the dotted line and let Gluon run the day-to-day tasks of building out and updating your VM-based deployments.

Powerful Kubernetes Building Blocks


It all starts with a BOSHDeployment. Spin up your first BOSH director, with your IaaS credentials safely tucked away in Kubernetes Secrets and your rollout choices stowed in a ConfigMap.


Never upload a stemcell by hand again. Use a BOSHStemcell to ensure that your directors are always up-to-date with the latest and greatest in security patches, ready for deployment.


With BOSHConfig, your cloud-config and runtime-configs exist in the Kubernetes cluster, and are applied automatically when they change. Eliminate lost productivity from out-of-date BOSH configs and let Gluon handle them instead.

Reconcile The World

With Gluon, you don't have to know what task needs to happen when, or track failed tasks to re-run them. Using best practices pipeline reconciliation, Gluon keeps things ticking on your behalf, even when you aren't watching.

Watch the Video!

Want to see Gluon in action? Eager to see how it all really works? Watch the introductory video in which James walks you through the pieces and parts of Gluon, shows off the YAML, and then demonstrates how Gluon can go from zero to Cloud Foundry, without any involvement or intervention!