Stark & Wayne

Learn a little about Concourse CI and get your own Concourse CI running on your laptop with Vagrant.

vagrant init concourse/lite
vagrant up

Visit in your browser.

Click on your operating system logo to download the fly CLI.

For OS X and Linux you need to make it executable:

mv ~/Downloads/fly ~/bin/fly
chmod +x ~/bin/fly
fly -v

Alias your local Concourse CI with the name tutorial:

fly -t tutorial login -c

There is a "Hello, world" pipeline example at the bottom of

Create hello.yml:

- name: hello-world
  - task: say-hello
      platform: linux
        type: docker-image
        source: {repository: ubuntu}
        path: echo
        args: ["Hello, world!"]

And register the new pipeline:

fly -t tutorial set-pipeline -p hello-world -c hello.yml

View the pipeline and run the job via

Click the "hello-world" job to view it, and click its Plus (+) button on the top right to manually trigger the job to start. In future tutorials we will learn about triggering jobs when external resources change.

When the job is completed it changes to green. Click the home icon to return to the pipeline dashboard and see that the job appears green too.

To tear down your Concourse CI:

vagrant destroy

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