Stark & Wayne

Target Ops Manager BOSH Director using om and jq

When debugging Ops Manager problems you sometimes want to directly interact with the BOSH director. This procedure is well documented, however I wanted a more automated way of doing it.

So without further ado I present my solution using the bosh v2 cli, om (Ops Manager cli) and jq:

# Required variables
export OM_TARGET=__TARGET__;

# Unset BOSH_* env vars
while read var; do unset $var; done < <(env | grep BOSH | cut -d'=' -f1)

# Get director ip
BOSH_PRODUCT_GUID=$(om -t $OM_TARGET -k -u admin curl -s -path /api/v0/deployed/products/ | jq -r -c '.[] | select(.type | contains("p-bosh")) | .guid');
export BOSH_ENVIRONMENT=$(om -t $OM_TARGET -k -u admin curl -s -path /api/v0/deployed/products/$BOSH_PRODUCT_GUID/static_ips | jq -r '.[].ips[]');

# Director root cert
export BOSH_CA_CERT=$(om -t $OM_TARGET -k -u admin curl -s -path /api/v0/certificate_authorities | jq -r '.certificate_authorities[].cert_pem');

# Director credentials
export BOSH_USERNAME=$(om -t $OM_TARGET -k -u admin curl -s -path /api/v0/deployed/director/credentials/director_credentials | jq -r '.credential.value.identity');
export BOSH_PASSWORD=$(om -t $OM_TARGET -k -u admin curl -s -path /api/v0/deployed/director/credentials/director_credentials | jq -r '.credential.value.password');

# Log-in to get UAA token
echo -e "$BOSH_USERNAME\n$BOSH_PASSWORD\n" | bosh log-in;
bosh env;