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Cloud Foundry Summit EU is over and, as part of our servant leadership culture at Stark & Wayne, we reflect on what we've learned. First, we want to thank the Cloud Foundry Foundation for offering us…

Posted by:Norman Abramovitz

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The keynotes, talks, user stories, and technical sessions at Cloud Foundry Summit this year prove that Cloud Foundry is still THE platform for developers. Kubernetes continues to be the best platform for building platforms. Eirini…

Posted by:Brian Seguin

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Cloud Foundry Summit is coming up quick. The Stark & Wayne team will be there with several members contributing to a handful of talks; plus a training session and a hands-on lab session. Stop by…

Posted by:Ashley Gerwitz

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Let's skip 5 minutes of warmup and jump in at "The Problem: The next 59 months" Everyone gets very excited about deploy something, at all. Like Docker people. "Look it comes up…

Posted by:Dr Nic Williams

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