Stark & Wayne

June 2018 Digest

What happened in June? It is now officially summer. Along with that comes a quarter ending and a new quarter opening.

We've had a handful of blogs posted in June, along with a video of Dr. Nic published. Take a sneak peek into the eyes of our CEO, how he describes Stark & Wayne, and which video games he's been playing.

There's also been a lot of buzz from the Cloud Foundry Foundation. They've recently published a new research report about how companies and groups are using Cloud Foundry, including a big step toward a multi-platform approach. View these articles below to see the ways the community is advancing and changing.

Stark & Wayne Expertise

Meet Dr. Nic Williams

Deploying TypeScript to Cloud Foundry

"It can be a joy to switch from JavaScript to TypeScript for both backend or front-end JavaScript...." Includes a sample app written in TypeScript for deployment to Cloud Foundry.

Foundation Discovery Queries

"Use these queries to get an overview on a CF/PCF environment from Cloud Controller's perspective..."

Manual Backup of CCDB/UAADB on Cloud Foundry

"For whatever reason, you may want to make a database backup for UAADB or CCDB and copy the backup to a jumpbox or other server... [View] two options for performing the backups and getting the backup to a secondary server."

A Glimpse at the Community


From Cloud Foundry: Why You're Choosing a Multi-Platform Approach, According to Our Research

"Our most recent research reveals that enterprises are more broadly employing a multi-platform strategy -- In other words, they are using different cloud-native technologies in tandem to meet their unique and evolving needs."

From ITProPortal: Why Open Source is Good for Business and People

"Open source is all about freedom. The freedom to share, to collaborate, and ultimately, to innovate. It's a concept that goes back way before the internet, but sometimes seems at odds with our online world and its demanding business imperatives."