Introducing BUCC (BOSH, UAA Credhub and Concourse)

Everybody has been talking about BOSH 2.0, and how it will solve all your problems. But what is this BOSH 2.0 thing, and where can I get me one of those?

Unfortunately BOSH 2.0 is not one thing, it’s a combination of features, technologies and ideas, which together form the future of BOSH.

Since talking about BOSH 2.0 can lead to confusion, I would like to make the case for talking about the BUCC stack instead.

The BOSH 2.0 Paradigm

Some of the key BOSH features of the BOSH 2.0 paradigm are:

Key technologies which in my opinion are part of the BOSH 2.0 paradigm are:

  • Credhub secret store which implements the BOSH config server api
  • BOSH cli v2 with its ops-file support

The above developments have let to some powerful new ideas and conventions which can be seen in the {bosh,cf}-deployment repo’s. The new ideas have even let to the creation of a style guide.


BOSH 2.0 is great for sharing and automation. In fact you only need to provide 1 variable (your system_domain) to deploy a production Cloud Foundry with cf-deployment.

Since deploying systems with BOSH has become so easy, it has actually become feasible to start teaching how to use BOSH, directly in the context of a deployment pipeline.

BUCC stack / bucc cli

This is why I like to introduce the BUCC stack. Which combines: BOSH, UAA, Credhub and Concourse. This will give us all of BOSH 2.0 together with Concourse (a CI system which works great with BOSH and Credhub).

To make it easy for people to get their own BUCC, we have created a utility called bucc. Which uses bosh-deployment and the BOSH cli v2 to bootstrap your BUCC. It can be used for testing and development of bosh-releases and concourse pipelines, in combination with the warden-cpi (BUCC-lite), but also for full scale deployments.

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