How to Reload Buildpacks in CF

Made a mess?

If you have made a mess of your default system buildpacks and want to delete and reload them you can in just a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Remove existing Buildpacks

Start by logging into the CF CLI with cloud_controller.admin permissions, once there list the existing buildpacks:

cf buildpacks

Now you can loop through and remove the buildpacks, adjust the names as needed to your output paying attention to - versus _:

cf delete-buildpack staticfile_buildpack -f
cf delete-buildpack java_buildpack -f
cf delete-buildpack ruby_buildpack -f
cf delete-buildpack nodejs_buildpack -f
cf delete-buildpack go_buildpack -f
cf delete-buildpack python_buildpack -f
cf delete-buildpack php_buildpack -f
cf delete-buildpack binary_buildpack -f
cf delete-buildpack dotnet_core_buildpack -f

Verify that the buildpacks have been removed by running another cf buildpacks

Step 2 – Modify API VM

Start by BOSH ssh’ing into any of the API nodes and navigate to /var/vcap/jobs/cloud_controller_ng/bin

Make a copy of the post-start script, we’ll be editing the file and will need to put it back when done:

cp post-start post-start.orig

Now modify the post-start file to contain:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -ex
export LANG="en_US.UTF-8"
export CLOUD_CONTROLLER_NG_CONFIG="${CONFIG_DIR}/cloud_controller_ng.yml"
export BUNDLE_GEMFILE="${CC_PACKAGE_DIR}/cloud_controller_ng/Gemfile"
source "${CC_JOB_DIR}/bin/"
source /var/vcap/packages/capi_utils/
tee_output_to_sys_log "cloud_controller_ng.$(basename "$0")"
function install_buildpacks {
  pushd "${CC_PACKAGE_DIR}/cloud_controller_ng" > /dev/null
    chpst -u vcap:vcap bundle exec rake buildpacks:install
    if [[ $? -ne 0 ]]; then
      echo "Buildpacks installation failed"
      exit 1
  popd > /dev/null
function main {
exit 0

Step 3 – Verify and Cleanup

Now run the post-start script. Once it is complete you can validate everything went well by running a cf buildpacks command.

Perform a BOSH recreate on the API node or remove your temporary post-start script as to not cause issues with next deployment:

cd /var/vcap/jobs/cloud_controller_ng/bin
rm post-start
mv post-start.orig post-start

At this point you have your refreshed buildpacks and fixed your API node. Enjoy!

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