Acquire advanced technology

Choose open source Cloud Foundry and BOSH to run all sizes of applications. Ask Stark & Wayne to join your team and bring their experience with Cloud Foundry and BOSH today.

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Upgrade your team

Build and deploy applications fast. Ask Stark & Wayne to outfit your team with incredible developer and operations tools today.

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Save the day

Big apps or small, you always want them running. Deep visibility & diagnostics comes from tools like Logstash. Ask Stark & Wayne to enhance everyone with full visibility, early warning, and fast recovery of production applications today.

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Choose your own ammunition

If you're already creating excellent applications with Java, Ruby, Python, Node.js, Go or PHP then Stark & Wayne can help upgrade your team today.

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Deploy applications anywhere

Deploy your production applications into any battlefield - your own data center or public cloud. VMWare, OpenStack or AWS. Ask Stark & Wayne to upgrade your existing infrastructure today.

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Your own Cloud Foundry on your own cloud. It is possible today. Train up your team and invigorate your company with Cloud Foundry as soon as possible.

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Conference Talks

Future of Deployment

Dr Nic overviews all the aspects of application deployment and considers BOSH as a platform that solves the requirements of an application that needs to scale and evolve over time.

Living with 1000 projects

In this talk recorded at FutureRuby, Dr Nic explains how to how to go from 1 to 1000 open source projects and still enjoy yourself.

High Performance Ruby - Evented vs Threaded

What was important to me was the the choice was abstracted away. I wanted to write normal, step-by-step Ruby code. Yet I wanted it to be performant. I've asked a lot of people. "What choices do I need to make, how different does my code look, and how do I do testing?" These are the questions I searched for answers. I'd like to now share the answers.

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