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Cloud Foundry

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Involved. Certified.

Getting involved and giving back gives us insight into emerging technologies through relationships, experimentation, and committing.

Stark & Wayne is a Silver Sponsor of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider.

We are also a member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

How We Work With You


Anticipatory Support

Anticipatory support brings our vast knowledge to the field and eliminates common road blocks.


Objective Recommendations

Keeping your company's priorities first and bringing in industry standards, our engineers are equipped to objectively help implement tailored support.


Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Business Needss

Not every company fits into one size and one shape. Our vast knowledge allows us to prioritize your business needs and find the right solution for you.


Our Core Values

Every member of the Stark & Wayne team embodies our core values to help ensure customer enrichment and helpfulness.

Managed Cloud Foundry & Kubernetes

Platform Management

24x7 North American Based Support

Low Cost

Lower operational costs

Greater focus

Greater focus on app development

Less development time

Less developer time spent on operations

Faster time to market

Faster time to market and Accelerated feedback loops

Fast deployment

Decreased deployment times

Cloud portability

Cloud portability

Enhanced security

Enhanced security


Cloud Consulting Services

Team Augmentation

Our experts can help your team solve a variety of operational and tactical problems, from the rotation of certificates to upgrading Cloud Foundry.

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Design & Implementation

We help clients new to cloud environments, such as Cloud Foundry, or established clients who need additional optimization.

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Software & Lifecycle Development

We can help your team optimize methodologies to suit your organization's infrastructure ecosystem and developer culture.

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Support & Training

We offer a range of training classes that help your organization become self-sufficient. Customized training programs are also available.

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